Registration fees

Registration is not yet open and will be available during June-July 2024. At that time, and not before, you will need to take a few steps:


  • You’ll need to pay the CVEC. The price has not yet been set by our ministry; Last year, the CVEC was 100 euros.
  • Once paid, you will receive a payment certificate number (numéro d’attestation d’acquittement) which you’ll need for registration.
  • To register, follow this link.

During registration, you’ll be prompted for your Ecandidat number, your CVEC payment certificate number, and to pay the registration fee. Registration fees have not yet been set, but last year they were 243 euros (payment in 3 installments is possible, provided your credit card is valid for at least three months after the registration date).


Once registered, you’ll receive instructions to send supporting documents to the school’s registrar electronically. The file to be filled out will be in English.

After the school registrar has verified all your documents and processed the payment, your registration will become definitive.


Additionally, to prepare for your stay in France, we recommend reviewing this guidebook from the University of Franche-Comté and the one from our department SJEPG. This is the 2023-2024 edition but it contains plenty of important and useful information.

Contact for your registration: Mme Mathilde Fagot,