French Health Insurance


The French healthcare system is one of the widest funded system by the French Government National Health insurance meaning a national system that ensures a national population against the costs of healthcare.

  • Non-European students need to register online

Social Security is free and compulsory for all students (French or international) and must be made upon your arrival in France, once your administrative registration at the university has been completed. It allows you to benefit from a reimbursement of all your medical expenses (around 60 to 70% of the total amount based on the social security basic rate).

    • Register at:
    • Upload all requested documents: school certificate, passport copy, visa copy, birth certificate, Offi validation, bank account slip ;
    • Once you receive your certificate, open an account on
    • Declare a physician during your first consultation so as to benefit from a 60%-70% reimbursement ;
  • European students need to bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) covering the period of studies. If you do not have one, you need to register with the procedure as written above for non-European students.

Health complementary insurance

·       French health Insurance will reimburse around 60-70% of your medical expenses. It is highly recommended to take a complementary health insurance so as to benefit from a complete reimbursement. SMERRA and LMDE are part of the students best known complementary insurances. More information on and


Civil liability Insurance


·       All students are requested to subscribe to a Civil Liability Insurance. That insurance covers the risks of a damage that be caused by a student to a third person or animal, regardless whether the damages were caused through negligence or not. The French civil liability insurance certificate is mandatory for Enrollment. SMERRA or LMDE as well as any banks can provide you this this type of insurance. SMERRA is usually attending the welcome and enrollment days for your convenience.

·       SMERRA Besançon